What cylinders should I use?

The rebreather will accept a variety of cylinder sizes using standard 'inline' DIN valves. Aluminum 19 cf/3 L capacity cylinders minimize the total weight, but most divers find they must add weight to adjust their in-water buoyancy and trim. Smaller stature divers may prefer the Aluminum 3 L volume diluent cylinder has adequate on-board bailout capacity for sport diving in 60 ft/20 m or less, but I strongly recommend carrying off-board bailout on all dives. The rebreather may also be configured with steel 23 cf/3 L cylinders, and these are the cylinders I generally recommend. Most wetsuit divers find having the steel cylinders requires little or no additional weight and trim can usually be made perfect simply by slight adjustments to the mounting height of the cylinder. The steel cylinders also have the advantage of being more widely available for rental at dive centers that support rebreather divers.

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