My Poseidon MKVI will not pass the 53 test during the pre dive check. Why?

Test 53 is the oxygen sensor validation test. If the pre dive test fails on this test, is because the primary oxygen sensor returns a value that is outside the allowed range, indicating a problem with the oxygen sensor.

There are a few things you can do, to check if the sensors are bad or not:
- Swap place between the primary & secondary sensor and run the pre dive again.
- If it's cold, warm the sensors before doing the pre dive or do the pre dive indoors.
- If you have put brand new sensors in to the unit, allow the new sensors to breath for 24 hours before you do a pre dive test with them.
- Analyze the gas you use, to make sure the levels of oxygen are correct.

If the unit continues to fail on test 53, replace one or both oxygen sensors.

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