What happens if you exceed NDL with MKVI?

Unlike some dive computers, the MK6 does not impose a penalty if it gets ‘bent’. It will continue to run its decompression algorithm and will eventually clear. The time it takes to clear will depend upon the loadings, ambient PO2 etc. Some examples should help:

Example #1.
1. You have a 10ft decompression ceiling and blow right through it and get out of the water but do not turn the rig off
2. Five minutes later you get back in the water. The rig will show that you have a 10ft ceiling and will indicate you should descend.

Example #2.
1. You have a 10ft decompression ceiling and blow right through it, get out of the water and turn the rig off.
2. You turn the rig on >24 hours later, at which point all your tissues will have cleared.
3. The rig acts normally, i.e. it doesn’t think you have a ceiling.

Example #3.
1. You switch to O/C when you have a ceiling and ascend on something other than the diluent mix the rig knows about.
2. The rig will command you to stop, but you blow right through the stops because you have a high PO2 O/C gas.
3. You safely exit the water, and turn the rig off.
4. Two hours later, you turn the rig on. The rig computes your off gassing assuming 0.21 Bar, and determines that you have e.g. a 30ft ceiling. As soon as you exit pre-dive you should get a ceiling indicator and a descend arrow, plus the usual alarms for blowing a decompression stop.

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